flora (_fascistpanties) wrote in riotgrrluk,

Could you help?

I hope this is ok here. My friend is currently doing a dissertation on online riot-grrl communities and is looking for more riot-grrls to answer a short questionnaire. The questions are below and if anyone would be happy to answer them that would be wonderful. You can email your answers to: cazmaniandevil@hotmail.com

Anonymity will be ensured, thank-you :)

1. How did you hear about Riot Grrrl?
2. What attracted you to Riot Grrrl?
3. What does it mean for you to be a Riot Grrrl?
4. Have you made any friends through Riot Grrrl?
5. Specifically online, do you feel you are part of any Riot Grrrl community?
6. How often do you look at Riot Grrrl communities online?
7. Are you more confident expressing your identity online rather than offline?
8. Have you met anyone online from a community that you are confident at meeting in the real world?
9. Do you feel the online Riot Grrrl community enhances existing communities or creates its own community?
10. Do you feel it is important for members of the community to be involved in the scene in the real world as well as online?
11. What impact has D.I.Y had on your understanding and involvement of Riot Grrrl?
12. How do you feel about the commercialisation of Riot Grrrl? (for example “Girl Power pop music).
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