female trouble (femaletroublemc) wrote in riotgrrluk,
female trouble

Call for bands!!

Hiya...the female trouble collective in manchester is looking for bands with girls/ women in to be part of an exciting project.

Inspired by similar projects, we wanna launch a cd which will prove to young women that anyone can start a band, that it's "do-able" and fun.  We'll also provide a mini-zine leaflet to explain the point of the cd and to explain our feminist and queer ideas,  inspire and excite.....
We are looking for local, national and international bands who are either all girls OR mainly girls and have an ethic compatible with that of Female Trouble (see our myspace for more details) to donate a track for the cd (mp3 format) We will give the cd away free of charge, so we can't pay you, but it will be dead good publicity.

We're going to shortlist bands in mid-August so will need any tracks by then

Please repost! Get in touch with anna
beatgirl98@hotmail.com for any more info.

Best wishes, the female trouble collective
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