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M&S and 'The Star'

Just got this e-mail from a mate of mine, regarding asking M&S to stop stocking a paper (well, more of a crap-rag than anything else). Although i'm not all that impressed by 'Object', for various little reasons, this seems like a good point, so here are the details. I hope you'll all show your support.

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Ask M&S to withdraw the STAR


OBJECT wrote to M&S about withdrawing THE STAR newspaper (with the most graphic covers of all newspapers) in light of research by the American Psychological Association showing that the objectification of women harms girls emotionally, sexually and physically.

M&S sent an astonishingly encouraging response, clearly suggesting that if they received enough complaints they would consider a withdrawal. To date they have received little complaint about THE STAR.

M&S have already withdrawn various lads' mags because of customer's concerns. The only high street retailer to do so. We suggest exactly the same principles apply to THE STAR as lads' mags - if not more so - surely having this in a newspaper normalises the objectification of women even more to adults... and to children.

We are urging as many people as possible to write to M&S by post (or if not by email). Please pass this email on to anyone else who you feel might like to write.

RAPE CRISIS and other women's organisations are also joined the campaign.


Here is a letter template. Points you might wish to include are:

  • Why you feel THE STAR is inappropriate in an ethical store

  • Why you might not have complained previously about THE STAR

  • How the absence of lads' mags makes you feel about shopping in M&S

  • Please consider writing and please pass this email on to any one else who you feel might support this action.


    If possible, please write by post to:

    Matt Rogers
    Chair & Chief Executive's Office
    Retail Customer Services
    Chester Business Park
    Wrexham Rd
    CJ4 9GA

    Alternatively, e-mail Customer services:

    Please mark FAO: Matt Rogers

    About OBJECT
    OBJECT challenges the objectification of women. We are advisors to Amnesty International UK, partners with the Women's National Commission (the government's advisor on women), members of the End Violence Against Women campaign and mandated to work with the National Union of Students.

    women not sex objects

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