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INTERVIEW [Monday 29th November 9:16pm]

I've been posting stuff online from my old fanzine, PussyRock including an interview I did with Cazz Blase who did the chapter on music in the riot grrrl book where we talk about her experiences with riot grrrl.

Go to http://pussyrockfanzine.blogspot.com and check the tags for cazz blase.
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Hi! [Monday 19th October 6:46pm]

[ mood | creative ]

I'm a final year sociology student in Nottingham.. I've chosen to do my dissertation on crafting (knitting in particular!) and feminism.  I'm looking to explore how knitting can fit in with feminist theories and the change from second to third wave.  I was hoping some of you ladies would be able to recomend me some reading/writers that would be of interest!

Thanks! xx

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[Saturday 18th July 5:42pm]

Anyone know where I can find some old lady pain/feminax adverts from?
The older the better.

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Bikini Kill [Friday 22nd August 8:00pm]


Does anybody have a tab for Anti-Pleasure Dissertation by Bikini Kill - I really want to play it but lack the musical skills to tab it myself!

Thanks, xxx

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New zine -GIRLSweat [Tuesday 24th June 5:51pm]

Hi guys, I've just finished a new zine. Its pretty small (A6) but has a couple of A4 fold out bits too.
a couple of pics from the zineCollapse )

Its feminist, queer, dykey all at the same time but with a sense of humour too. Theres doodles, found art and writing too. If you want, I can also include a sticker of the sort of logo (girl with tash ) for you to put around your town/ city.

Message me here or email me at too_eclectic@hotmail.com if you want one.

Oh and I still have copies of the zine I did with a friend -More action! Less tears. If you want one of those too that could happen also. This one is feminist, with some nice positive messages for women :)
a pic of this one too!Collapse )
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PussyRock New issue [Monday 2nd June 10:28am]

Issue 3 has just over 40 pages. It's an A5 zine, photocopied in B + W.
It has interviews with Pam Hogg, Cazz Blase on riot grrrl, Scareifina (Wicked Little Dolls) and Velocity Chyaldd (Vulgaras)
Plus articles on We've Got A Fuzzbox and We're Gonna Use It, The Aislers Set, Death by Chocolate
And reviews of Scarling, The Priscillas, Ivy's Itch, Emilie Autumn, Colt, The Dresden Dolls, Wicked Little Dolls, Rosin Coven, Vulgaras, NY Loose, Little Whores on the Prairie, Gene Serene, Melora Creager, Rasputina, Hazard County Girls, Pam Hogg, Mary Magdalan, Hannah Fury, Diana Dors and Shampoo.
£1.50 (UK price). E-mail me at appleby.jane AT gmail.com for payment details
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Ladyfest London [Monday 21st April 1:08pm]

Hi all! A friend and I are attending Ladyfest London on the 9-11 May. Does anyone have recommendations for accommodation in the area?
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research [Wednesday 9th April 7:23pm]
Hi, I hope it's ok to post this here.
I'm doing a project on Riot Grrrl for my degree (due in next week) and I was hoping some people here would be able to answer a few questions for me (9); they're pretty general and it's just so I can get some basic info to use in my assignment, all responses will remain anonymous of course.

I'd really appreciate anyone's help!

thanksCollapse )

(x-posted to a few other places, sorry!!)
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Could you help? [Wednesday 2nd April 5:46pm]

I hope this is ok here. My friend is currently doing a dissertation on online riot-grrl communities and is looking for more riot-grrls to answer a short questionnaire. The questions are below and if anyone would be happy to answer them that would be wonderful. You can email your answers to: cazmaniandevil@hotmail.com

Anonymity will be ensured, thank-you :)

1. How did you hear about Riot Grrrl?
2. What attracted you to Riot Grrrl?
3. What does it mean for you to be a Riot Grrrl?
4. Have you made any friends through Riot Grrrl?
5. Specifically online, do you feel you are part of any Riot Grrrl community?
6. How often do you look at Riot Grrrl communities online?
7. Are you more confident expressing your identity online rather than offline?
8. Have you met anyone online from a community that you are confident at meeting in the real world?
9. Do you feel the online Riot Grrrl community enhances existing communities or creates its own community?
10. Do you feel it is important for members of the community to be involved in the scene in the real world as well as online?
11. What impact has D.I.Y had on your understanding and involvement of Riot Grrrl?
12. How do you feel about the commercialisation of Riot Grrrl? (for example “Girl Power pop music).
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[Friday 28th March 4:44pm]

Come! Come! Come to Why don't You tonight!

Hello! This is the group for the re-launched WHY DON'T U club-night at Manchester's Star and Garter.

We will play the bands, artists and songs that inspired the new music you like from 1973-1995.


We have the best playlists known to man, Zines painstakingly put together and not to mention the boys from the Islington Mill doing some art n' crap downstairs.

Oh and I have a new frock.

9-late, Star and Garter. Entry is a mesley £3, and for that free tea, free biscuits, both me and Jamie DJing and not to mention the knowledge that the money is going straight to Christies.
Not in my back pocket.

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slightly off-topic (please let me know if it's not suitable) [Monday 3rd March 8:16pm]

are you taking or did you take women's studies as an undergraduate degree?
(single or joint honors)

if so, i'm writing an article for subtext magazine and would like to speak to you!
the article is about the disappearance of women's studies as a stand-alone undergraduate degree in the uk and i'm looking to talk to people about their feelings and experiences of the course.

please leave a comment if interested, preferably with an email which i can send questions to or email me on the address below, thanks!


(x-posted somewhat)
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[Thursday 14th February 12:44pm]

Hello all! Goldsmiths College Students' Union (South-East London) is holding our own one-day Ladyfest next week and all are welcome. Gina Birch is taking part in a talk, we have an exhibition, a gig with Wet Dog, Monday Club and Conregation, and lots of other exciting things. All proceeds will go to the Poppy Project, which provides accommodation and support for women trafficked into prostitution. Come along and help us make lots of money for them!

If anyone is interested in donating to the cake sale (ingredients expenses claimable), or if any craftsters would like a stall to sell their wares get in touch on ladyfestgoldsmiths@gmail.com.


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Female Trouble In The City [Thursday 18th October 8:06pm]



Every year Female Trouble is shocked at the lack of female-fronted bands appearing at Manchester’s now-legendary In The City unsigned music festival. This year we’re bringing you a trio of amazing bands at our official ITC fringe event at the Retro Bar on Sackville Street. It’s only £3 to get in and you get a copy of the amazing new Female Trouble compilation for free which features all the bands playing in addition to tracks from other bands from the UK, Canada, the USA, Germany and Ireland!

Playing live for us are:

Hooker (Manchester)
Mancunian grrrl punk legends!

Sailor Tongue (Leeds)
Urgent angular queercore!

The Furious Bears (Leeds) –
Noisy beautiful songs that sound somewhere between The Breeders and Sleater-Kinney!

Plus djs from Female Trouble, Cursive, Lust in the Movies and Schizophrenia playing in between the bands!

For more information:
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Call for bands!! [Wednesday 18th July 8:07am]

Hiya...the female trouble collective in manchester is looking for bands with girls/ women in to be part of an exciting project.

Inspired by similar projects, we wanna launch a cd which will prove to young women that anyone can start a band, that it's "do-able" and fun.  We'll also provide a mini-zine leaflet to explain the point of the cd and to explain our feminist and queer ideas,  inspire and excite.....
We are looking for local, national and international bands who are either all girls OR mainly girls and have an ethic compatible with that of Female Trouble (see our myspace for more details) to donate a track for the cd (mp3 format) We will give the cd away free of charge, so we can't pay you, but it will be dead good publicity.

We're going to shortlist bands in mid-August so will need any tracks by then

Please repost! Get in touch with anna
beatgirl98@hotmail.com for any more info.

Best wishes, the female trouble collective
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Fearsome Hunger zine [Monday 9th July 4:18pm]
Hello! Forthcoming comp. zine requires contributions (please!).

Fearsome Hunger

All about food & eating, bodies, self-image, misdirected hunger (e.g. addictions), and so much more besides.

For further information & deadline, go here:

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M&S and 'The Star' [Wednesday 20th June 12:02pm]
Just got this e-mail from a mate of mine, regarding asking M&S to stop stocking a paper (well, more of a crap-rag than anything else). Although i'm not all that impressed by 'Object', for various little reasons, this seems like a good point, so here are the details. I hope you'll all show your support.

---------- ---------- ----------

Ask M&S to withdraw the STAR


OBJECT wrote to M&S about withdrawing THE STAR newspaper (with the most graphic covers of all newspapers) in light of research by the American Psychological Association showing that the objectification of women harms girls emotionally, sexually and physically.

M&S sent an astonishingly encouraging response, clearly suggesting that if they received enough complaints they would consider a withdrawal. To date they have received little complaint about THE STAR.

M&S have already withdrawn various lads' mags because of customer's concerns. The only high street retailer to do so. We suggest exactly the same principles apply to THE STAR as lads' mags - if not more so - surely having this in a newspaper normalises the objectification of women even more to adults... and to children.

We are urging as many people as possible to write to M&S by post (or if not by email). Please pass this email on to anyone else who you feel might like to write.

RAPE CRISIS and other women's organisations are also joined the campaign.


Here is a letter template. Points you might wish to include are:

  • Why you feel THE STAR is inappropriate in an ethical store

  • Why you might not have complained previously about THE STAR

  • How the absence of lads' mags makes you feel about shopping in M&S

  • Please consider writing and please pass this email on to any one else who you feel might support this action.


    If possible, please write by post to:

    Matt Rogers
    Chair & Chief Executive's Office
    Retail Customer Services
    Chester Business Park
    Wrexham Rd
    CJ4 9GA

    Alternatively, e-mail Customer services:


    Please mark FAO: Matt Rogers

    About OBJECT
    OBJECT challenges the objectification of women. We are advisors to Amnesty International UK, partners with the Women's National Commission (the government's advisor on women), members of the End Violence Against Women campaign and mandated to work with the National Union of Students.

    women not sex objects

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    Partyline in Manchester [Saturday 14th April 9:52am]

    [ mood | creative ]

    Partyline are coming to the UK!!  See the website for the dates!  http://www.partylinedc.com/

    This is the Manchester show....

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    Hi [Saturday 17th March 2:30am]

    I need some help with a zine project and decembre mentioned this community (thanks!)

    I'm currently editing a fanzine to accompany my local Ladyfest (www.ladyfestcambridge.co.uk). Many of the articles are turning out kinda gloomy, more on the side of the bad aspects of the music industry and local music scenes; so I wanted to try and bring a bit more joy into the situation, cos, afterall, these things are meant to be fun.

    SO, here is an open question to all you riot grrls, and I'd be really grateful if some of you would like to share your thoughts on the topic:

    What's the best thing about being a girl in a music scene?

    All and any replies would be appreciated! Whether you're in a band, or a promoter, or a zine editor, or a writer, or anything remotely involved with a music/arts scene. You can give more than one suggestion :)

    Sorry to anyone who sees a message very similar to this in some other communities. That's probably your fault for being too riot grrl ;)

    Thanks for your time!

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    Dissertation [Wednesday 7th March 1:53pm]

    Hi, I'm doing a readership study on girls and zines and I was wondering if any of you could help me out.

    I need to interview some girls who read or have read feminist/riot grrrl/female-specific zines, it would just be over email so hopefully it wouldn't take up too much time or effort.

    I'm also particularly interested in girls from ethnic minorities who are interested in zines (though that is not an essential requirement...it would just be helpful for my study)


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    Fearsome Hunger [Monday 26th February 8:23pm]
    Another call for contributions for Fearsome Hunger zine, a compilation zine all about food, bodies, self-esteem and everything related - please write, draw, tell yr mates, and so on!

    Deadline is 31st March. More info here:

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