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Riot, grrl!

UK Grrls Riot

Riot Grrl UK
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This is your place to rant about...

  • Being a female in Britain

  • You attitudes +views

  • The Grrl music scene in the UK

  • Zines

  • Rioting, protesting, politics +feminism

  • Anything else that effects you.

Moderated by decembre

7 year bitch, activism, anarchix, angelina jolie, ani difranco, anti-ana, anti-mia, anti-rape, baba yaga, babes in toyland, bad girls, bikini kill, bis, bisexuality, bitch and animal, bitches, bitching, body image, bonsai kittens, bratmobile, breasts, cheap shops, chick rock, christina ricci, cigarettes, clits, contraception, d.i.y., dickless, dubstar, dykes, elastica, electrelane, empowerment, england, equality, excuse 17, fake stars, feminism, feminist, feminists, fishnets, flamingo 50, gender issues, gertrude, ghost world, girls, glitter, grrl, grrl rock, grrls, grrrl, grrrls, grunge, guitars, heavens to betsy, hole, huggy bear, indigo girls, ireland, jane lane, joan jett, julie ruin, katastrophy wife, kathleen hanna, kill rock stars, kirby, l7, ladyfest, le tigre, lesbianism, linus, lipstick, longstocking, lunachicks, lush, lyrics, make-up, manifesta, marianne faithful, marilyn monroe, music, my ruin, northern ireland, openmindedness, patriarchy, pj harvey, poetry, politics, porn, power, pretty insides, protests, punk, punk rock, punk rock feminism, queer, ranting, republica, riot grrl, riot grrls, riot grrrl, riot not diet, rock, scotland, screaming, second-hand shops, sexism, shampoo, siouxie and the banshees, skunk anansie, sleater-kinney, sloan, strong women, tairrie b, tampons, tank girl, team dresch, team dresh, tegan and sara, the bangs, the breeders, the butchies, the cheetaras, the eyeliners, the gossip, the hissyfits, the holy terror, the kitchen, the need, the raincoats, the shocker, the slits, the women's movement, thora birch, tracy and the plastics, trash superstar, vaginas, vaseline, wales, we start fires, women, women in the workplace, women's rights, women's studies, writing, x-ray spex, yeah yeah yeahs, zines