jaynedoll (jaynedoll) wrote in riotgrrluk,

PussyRock New issue

Issue 3 has just over 40 pages. It's an A5 zine, photocopied in B + W.
It has interviews with Pam Hogg, Cazz Blase on riot grrrl, Scareifina (Wicked Little Dolls) and Velocity Chyaldd (Vulgaras)
Plus articles on We've Got A Fuzzbox and We're Gonna Use It, The Aislers Set, Death by Chocolate
And reviews of Scarling, The Priscillas, Ivy's Itch, Emilie Autumn, Colt, The Dresden Dolls, Wicked Little Dolls, Rosin Coven, Vulgaras, NY Loose, Little Whores on the Prairie, Gene Serene, Melora Creager, Rasputina, Hazard County Girls, Pam Hogg, Mary Magdalan, Hannah Fury, Diana Dors and Shampoo.
£1.50 (UK price). E-mail me at appleby.jane AT gmail.com for payment details
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