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Female Trouble In The City


Every year Female Trouble is shocked at the lack of female-fronted bands appearing at Manchester’s now-legendary In The City unsigned music festival. This year we’re bringing you a trio of amazing bands at our official ITC fringe event at the Retro Bar on Sackville Street. It’s only £3 to get in and you get a copy of the amazing new Female Trouble compilation for free which features all the bands playing in addition to tracks from other bands from the UK, Canada, the USA, Germany and Ireland!

Playing live for us are:

Hooker (Manchester)
Mancunian grrrl punk legends!

Sailor Tongue (Leeds)
Urgent angular queercore!

The Furious Bears (Leeds) –
Noisy beautiful songs that sound somewhere between The Breeders and Sleater-Kinney!

Plus djs from Female Trouble, Cursive, Lust in the Movies and Schizophrenia playing in between the bands!

For more information:
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